Crowd Source it: The rise of community collaboration

This week we looked at micropolitics and community collaboration. As I’m short on time, I thought I might put together a short mind map looking at the different areas in which we are seeing community collaboration having a noticeable affect on industries and communities. This notion of community collaboration builds upon my last blog post, which looked at the potential implications of the quantified self movement. The most exciting implication of the movement, in my opinion, concerns medical and scientific research. 

Open source software/production is new collaboration that creates new economic models. It is “created with neither the beaurocratic structure of the firm nor incentives of the marketplace as we’ve known them,” Howard Rheingold noted during his TED talk on “Way-new Collaboration.” The distinct lack of pressure from corporations is a point of interest, and perhaps driver of the success of these projects. Many consumers have become complacent and cynical of corporations in this product-saturated world. Perhaps, open source software, products, education, etc, is a way for consumers to “take back” these domains which have been ruled by corporations for many decades now. Anyway, the psychology behind it is fascinating but I haven’t the authority or data to comment just yet… So i’ll just say this: As the mind map demonstrates, this kind of crowd sourced knowledge is invaluable across many industries and has huge potential.


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Ear cuffs at the Rodarte NYFW runway show are seriously epic. 

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